CoffeeComputerCndleThank you for your interest in “How to Easily Build a Great, Money Making Website.” If you’re on the fence about this NCBTMB approved course (Provider #1380), then just know that building a website is really a matter of allowing your creative side to flourish!

All the “tech” and “geek” stuff has been removed from this training so all you’re left with is an easy-to-follow-guide that leads you step-by-step and click-by-click through the entire process. As you dig deeper and learn the steps as they are outlined, you will have created your very own, skillfully designed fantastic website that attracts visitors and prospects! And the more visitors you have to your website, the higher your expectations of increasing your bookings.

It’s a cycle that feeds itself (once you learn how).

 … And you learn how with SWI.

So hop down from that fence and go for the gusto!

Some of the things you’ll learn when you join us are listed here:

  • How to determine what your prospects are looking for and how to provide them with what they are interested in (this is one of the secrets to website success)
  • Piloting your website so it easily responds to requests made by your site visitors
  • Uncovering the specific words you’ll need to include so visitors can quickly find your website
  • Identifying how to inform and educate your site visitors instead of attempting to sell them
    • This is another of the secrets that can lead to increased bookings and revenue
When You Register For This Course, How Long Do Your Have Access to It?

Lifetime access!

Are There Any Guarantees?

Yes! Written cancellations (email is OK) made within the first 24 hours of registration will receive a full, 100% refund!

Course Bonus?

You bet! You’re going to also get a whole bunch of free tools that will help make all this website stuff easier and faster. These free “Smart Tools” can save you major dollars because with this course, you’re being provided the “inside scoop” known in the industry that the general population isn’t aware of. Nice, huh?

What Else?

There is enough practical, hands-on training in this continuing education course, written in layman’s terms, for you to be able to start with nothing and end with a fully functioning website focused on your knowledge and your area of expertise. If you already have a website, then this training will teach you what to do and how to do it so your site works FOR you.

Literally … from beginner to pro!

The Giants Who Use WordPressThis course is designed to provide you with a one-stop, step-by-step, click-by-click instructional training on creating your phenomenal website or improving your current site. It works with the exact same foundation used by multi-million dollar companies (such as CNN™, Firefox™, Sony™, Samsung™, Ford™, and EBay™) while providing you access to numerous free tools and products.

To think … with this course, you have everything you need to build or improve your website for free. This can help you gain a competitive advantage and help you keep thousands of dollars in your pocket (because paying a Web Master to build a professional website can cost thousands).

What’s Next?

Once you register, you’ll need to spend some time understanding the “back office” of your website. Referred to as the “dashboard,” anything you will ever do with your website will be handled by you (or someone you assign) from your dashboard. It’s amazingly easy to work in your dashboard. As a matter of fact, if you can work an iPhone® or have an understanding of Word®, then you will be very pleased with just how easy your dashboard will be for you.

In this course, you will be introduced to the world of website design without all the “geek speak ” and “tech teach.” Everything is provided in laymen terms and you can go at your own pace.

SWI is Here For You

I want you to feel free to ask anything you need. While most any question you have is likely addressed in the training, if you find yourself stuck, we’ve made it very simple for you to connect with us.

ContactUsAt the very bottom of your page, you will see a “Contact Us” icon. It looks like the image to your right. This is the very best way to make contact with me or any other team member here at SWI. Just click on that icon and you’ll be able to email us with any question or comment you have. It’s important you know that SWI responds to all comments in the order in which they are received.

Alternatively, if you want to call or snail mail us, here is our contact information:

SmithWorks Inc. (SWI)
9116 Dorothy Lane
St. Francisville LA 70775
(225) 784 – 2168

In case you’re wondering where St. Francisville is … we are a tiny suburb of Baton Rouge and we are about two hours north of New Orleans. 🙂

Thank you for choosing SWI and we look forward to your success!





Cathy Smith, MBA CNHP ND

PS: After you register, it’s a good idea for you to keep a notebook nearby because you will undoubtedly come up with ideas for your website along the way (don’t worry … we are here with you for the long-haul).


Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Hours

Course Instructor

Cathy Author

Website Builder #1


Includes the course, lifetime access to the course, one FREE Domain Name (for new website) and FREE Hosting (on new websites) for One Full Year! One payment of $249.

Website Builder #2

per month for 3 total payments

Includes the course, lifetime access to the course, one FREE Domain Name (for new website) and FREE Hosting (on new websites) for One Full Year! Provides you the flexibility of paying $83/month for 3 months.

How to Easily Build a Great, Money Making Website

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Foundation Frenzy: Building It To Last

WordPress and the Official Look of Your Site

Plugins: A Savvy Way to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun!

How To Address Your Frequently Used, Powerful WordPress Links

How To Add Pages and Navigate Around Your Epic Site

Getting To Know You

Discover How to Promote Communication

Blogging and Images

How to Create Your Menu and Link to Different Pages

Building Relationships With Your Readers

Be Fearless. Make Decisions. Experience Mistakes. Know Success.

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