Frequently Asked Questions

Is CE-SWI approved by the NCBTMB?
SWI is an approved provider (#1380) for NCBTMB. We have been awarded 12 hours for our Business Class entitled, “How To Easily Build A Great Money-Making Website.”
Is CE-SWI state approved?
Our 12-hour course, “How To Easily Build A Great Money-Making Website” is approved by the state of Louisiana (provider #LAP246).

We submit to other states upon student request and after completing a cost ratio analysis. If CE-SWI makes the decision to to submit to another state, the approval information will be posted here as well as sent out via email.

Aside from the course fee, are there any additional costs?

There are no additional fees because the tools that would normally be an out-of-pocket expense are included for one full year. You will receive an email from CE-SWI approximately 30 days before the expiration date of these tools. 

How do I pay for a course?
You can pay here. All payments are made online via our encrypted and secure payment gateway.
What are your cancellation and refund policies?
Please see our Financial Policy.
How do I register?

Once you’ve paid for your course, it will automatically lead you through the next steps so you can start your first lesson.

How do get back into my course?
Just click on “My Courses” in the upper menu (located at the very top of your screen). The system will automatically take you to where you last left off. Nice.
What is the deadline to register?
You enjoy open registration with CE-SWI which means you can register anytime.
Do I have a time limit in which to complete a test?
No. CE-SWI provides “mini quizzes” throughout the course; none of these quizzes are timed.
Who sees how I scored on the mini quizzes?

Only you and CE-SWI knows your test scores. State boards and NCBTMB just want to know if you passed and were issued a certificate.

What is a passing score?
70 percent is a passing score for the entire course; most mini-quizzes required an 80% to 100% score.
What happens if I miss too many questions; am I allowed to test again?
Certainly. And there is no charge to take a test over. Retest until you pass; it’s free to retest as many times as you need.
How will I receive my certificate?
A certificate is emailed to you once you’ve completed the course.
Can I get a certificate mailed to me if I need an original?
Yes. CE-SWI will mail you a hardcopy or replacement copy of your CE certificate. There is a an additional fee for mailed certificates. You can learn more here.
Do you list my course completions with CE Broker?

If you are licensed in Florida and/or Georgia, then should CE-SWI make the decision to submit to these states and approval is received, we will automatically list your course completion with CE Broker. Your information will be encrypted using industry standard SSL technology. This provides safety and privacy.

Will you report my CE hours to the NCBTMB or my state board?

CE-SWI does report CE hours only to Mississippi for students licensed in Mississippi.

For all other states, your electronic certificate is made available to you after you pass a course. This avoids any confusion and you will have an electronic copy for your records which you can print at your convenience. The NCBTMB and state boards that require CE hours usually require you complete the renewal form. You will need to keep your certificate, as stated by your organizations’ laws and rules, in the case of an audit.

Should CE-SWI made the decision to submit to Florida and/or Georiga, we will (once approved) report CE hours to the State of Florida’s CE Broker website.

After I’ve completed this course, how long will it be available to me online?
Students in good standing are granted lifetime access.
What is the difference between CEU and CE?
The NCBTMB and the state of New York use “CE” or “CE hour” to mean an hour of continuing education. Many students, and states such as Maryland, use “CEU” to mean the same thing as CE.
Will I be receiving promotional material from you?
As our gift to students who complete the course, we send impromptu emails with information designed to help you get even more from any course you take with us.

In addition, we occasionally send promotional materials from CE-SWI and our sister site, IHP Biz Tools. As a student, you are automatically added to the email list for both websites.

At the bottom of the any email sent out by CE-SWI or, you will find an opt-out button.