SWI Registration Policy

Students are automatically registered with Continuing Ed SWI when they make a purchase.

Students can register online or by phone.

  • Online registration is available 24/7.
  • If registering by phone, please call during normal business hours (8 a.m. until 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).
  • If you call and receive a voice mail, SWI will return your call the next business day.
Registration Deadlines

Online Continuing Education Courses: There is no registration deadline for any online continuing education courses.

Live Continuing Education CoursesRegistration is accepted up to and including the first day of any live course.


Upon purchase of course, SWI offers suggestions and recommendations on how to create your website using our best practices and providing information to the best of our knowledge.

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By using this website and registering as a student for this continuing education course, you agree that we are not liable to you or others, in any way or for any damages of any kind or under any theory, arising from this site, or your access to or use of or reliance on the information in or through this site, including but not limited to liability or damages caused by viruses contained within electronic files of this site or any linked site, regardless of prior notice to us.