Cathy …  May I just say that was absolutely one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken!  There is so much useful information packed into one course. 

I really hope therapists will take advantage of this opportunity.  I can see so much time and work went into creating it.  SOOO valuable.  I can’t say that enough.  Even for me who has created 4 websites in the past and paid a professional to create my most recent one.  Therapists with years or even days of experience learn a lot. 

This is a must for anyone interested in starting their own practice.  It’s a must for anyone who doesn’t think they will ever start a practice, too.  When the time comes and they change their minds, everything will be ready for them to just jump back in! Awesome job, Cathy!  Just when I thought it was too long, I powered through and was right there at the end. 

GREAT WIN for therapists to now have you in their corner.  I can’t wait to promote this course!

Kamillya Hunter

Owner and Founder, Spa Analytics

“I am so glad that I was introduced to Cathy by one of our mutual massage therapy contacts! At the time, I thought had a decent website. However, there was no call to action or reason for any website visitors to leave their contact information or really even schedule. I took Cathy’s course that helps you better understand how to build a website that engages potential clientele and so much more.

I will happily say that now more than ever clients are sharing that they really love the new website, and find it helpful in learning more about what my office offers. They all shared that it is very easy to navigate, which was not the case with my prior websites.

I would definitely encourage any professional to utilize what Cathy offers! She has been a fantastic support and has endless patience with all my questions!

PS: “Let me add a little extra validation as to why Cathy is the woman to go with. I have been receiving emails from other companies offering to help me “enhance” my website, and all these enhancements are already in place due to the content and process that Cathy has place in her course.”
Kimberly Stumpf, LMT

Owner, Harborview Health Wellness

Cathy came along when I was really scraping to get new clients through the door. She listened (really listened) and asked a ton of questions. When she was done, my website was everything I wanted it to be, and then some.

I live and work in a small town and it was amazing how fast the word got out about my website.  I’m now one of the busiest therapists in the entire area and call on Cathy for business advice, too.  She’s a great mediator and has gotten me through some interesting lessons. 

Good thing Cathy’s office is close to my hometown. Cathy is, overall, my mentor and I’m proud to call her my friend.

Darren Ryland, LMT

Owner, Zachary Medissage